About Us

Mon Cheri


  • A busy working woman
  • A wife of an amazing partner
  • A mother of 4 amazing children
  • A grandmother of the cutest little one ever…
  • AND…a person with an out of control legging habit!

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For years, I struggled with finding leggings that matched my personality; I longed for unique, durable, fun leggings that showed my personality! Long searches for the perfect leggings turned into months of research on custom designs.

As I found what I was really looking for, I realized that all my friends were looking for the same things! I went from sharing my amazing research with close friends to having a following of 1000’s of customers from around the world.

Combining my passion for customer service and over 40 years of listening and understanding customers, we strive to provide specialized, individualized and personalized care. It is my goal to bring to you, great prints, great prices, and outstanding quality…
~ Mon Cheri

In the process, I get to spend more time with my family…
~ My Sweethearts

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for shopping with us here at Mon Cheri!